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 Chaplaincy Council 
(2014 - 2015)

 Vice Presidents:Stephen Payne and Simon Reeves
 Churchwardens:Stephen Payne and Simon Reeves
 Council Members:

Roger Barbé
Judy King-Gillies
Leigh Montillot
Patrick Raharijaona
Jackie Shellard
Joanne Teil

Joanne Teil
Roger Barbé
Archdeaconry Synod Representatives:
Annabel and Daniel Pouget   

Sunday School
Crèche, Explorers, Trailblazers

Leigh Montillot
 Safeguarding Officer:
(Protection of children, Young People & Vulnerable Adults)
Marianne Payne
 Birthday Cards:Diane Yelland 


 As we are currently without a full time chaplain please contact one of the churchwardens if you have an enquiry:

Stephen Payne

Pathfinders (6ème - 4ème) & Youth (3ème - Terminale)
Contact: Leign Monthillot:

 President:Nicholas Daglish 
Vice-President: Annabel Pouget 
Treasurer: Kathryn Pouget 
Secretary: Sharon Houy 
 Committee Members: 
Simon Bayly
Deigan Morris
Lisa Taylor 


Rota:Jackie Shellard 
 Webmasters:Katie Taylor
Diane Yelland