Archdeacon Ian Naylor

The Venerable Ian Naylor, Archdeacon of France in the Diocese in Europe, visited us over the week-end of October 18th and 19th. During his visit, Ian attended the Church Council meeting (the minutes for which will be posted on the notice board in the Chapel in due course) with a part of the meeting being dedicated to discussions with Ian on the future of St Luke’s. Ian’s feedback was that he was “very encouraged by what he experienced”, and “passes his good wishes to the council, and members of the church, with appreciation for the warm welcome and generous hospitality that I received over the weekend from all”.

During the Council meeting we outlined the current status for our Church and explained that although we have been very happy, indeed blessed, with the wonderful Locums that have been supporting us, after an interregnum period of just over one year we felt a real need for St Luke’s to once again have a permanent Priest in Charge, and that consistency and continuity in ministerial leadership was now essential to help us move forward. 

Ian explained the various options open to us (for example, a part-time Chaplain), together with an outline of the process that would be involved in appointing a new Priest in Charge. A prerequisite was that both Ian as Archdeacon, and the Bishop would have to feel able to support St Luke’s searching for a new Priest in Charge. This week we received the very encouraging news that we have that support. 

This does not mean that we will have a new Chaplain overnight however! The Church Wardens and the Council must now work together to discuss more precisely our needs as a Church taking on board views from the congregation, and we must review and evaluate the various options open to us including implications of funding. The process will not be short but we have effectively already taken the first steps and we have the support of Ian, and Bishop David. 

We will keep you informed as we progress through this process, and of course should you have any questions or thoughts / suggestions, please do not hesitate to discuss with either Simon or Steve or any member of the Council. 

Most importantly, please do pray that God will guide us in this very important decision.