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First Communion and Confirmation

30 June 2016

Dear St Luke’s Parents:

Do you have children who want?

·        To be baptized

·        To be prepared for First Communion

·        To be confirmed

Baptism is the entry rite to the church. The Baptism service is straightforward and does not entail lengthy preparation. Most of us are baptized as infants.

First Communion refers to the admittance to Holy Communion of those 8 years old and up. The Sunday School Leaders and you as parents will help with this preparation, with the Chaplain’s assistance.

Confirmation is the rite for those 13-14 and older in which they affirm the promises made on their behalf at baptism. The Bishop must be scheduled for Confirmation. The preparation for First Communion is also useful for preparation for Confirmation, and most children do First Communion and then later Confirmation.

Logistically it would be best if all those wanting First Communion and Confirmation be bundled together for preparation for the former. We can tackle confirmation subsequently when we are also sure the Bishop will be scheduled to make a visitation for this purpose.

If you would please let the Sunday School Leaders know if your children wish to be prepared for First Communion, then the planning and materials can be arranged. Their emails are leighmontillot@gmail.com and simon.reeves@orange.fr

If you would like your child to be baptized, please contact the Chaplain at stlukeschaplain@gmail.com You may also contact me if you want further information about First Communion or Confirmation.

Blessings in Christ

Christopher Seitz